Friday, September 19, 2008

Why why why why whyyy

Why is it that everytime.. Every effing time I feel that I need not to worry about us, I always end up hitting myself in the head?
It's incredible how fitting this song is.

Avril Lavigne - Why

Pao shared an interesting observation with me the other day. We were discussing how we are gifted in attracting certain people. He claimed to attract psychos and I told him I attract jealous men. I suggested that we should start a support group, but he went on and said that I am not so special since apparently, "MOST MEN are jealous to begin with". Then he elaborated by saying, "the prettier and more outgoing the girl, the more jealous the guy"

If I'M outgoing.. I don't know how/what I'll be if I try to be less-outgoing! I'd probably be in a nunnery but that would definitely not work as I am Muslim; I'm not supposed to enter a church and we are encouraged to procreate! (In the right manner, of course.)
So I'M SCREWED! (or will be.. HAHAHAHHA!!)

I'm okay really. Tired, but okay. I didn't mean to spam my own blog but I needed to vent to noone in particular. I was half expecting to be completely emotional (the bug's been going around apparently) and end up crying and feeling frustrated, but I was adamant not to bow down to my emotions -- so I end up feeling a little confused and numb. Odd.

I'm going to bed now. Hopefully I'll wake up late. Way later than usual.
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