Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I live for music.

I was bored.. and needed to feel a good, fresh music coursing through my body.
In the absence of inspiration, I turn to Stephenie Meyer's playlist and decided to go with the Breaking Dawn playlist. I wasn't disappointed when I heard this;

Blue October (feat. Imogen Heap) - Congratulations

If I was a moth.. sad songs such as this is the bright light that I am fatally attracted to.

I was playing a bit like a middle-man earlier. As I was having a rundown of it with Eeva, she said that I'd made the situation sounded funny. Well, here's the thing.. I laugh when I'm stressed. Okay, obviously I wasn't so stressed if I can still find something to laugh about. If I was really stressed, I would just panic and freak out!.. but eventually I'll laugh.
I don't know.. sometimes I need to laugh. Find the irony in things. It's the only way I know how to cope.. or I don't cope at all.

I'm still in Shah Alam by the way. haha! It's hilarious. I keep saying that I'm leaving and leaving but I'm still right here. ughh! Story of my life. I'm always on my way to somewhere but I am stuck at one place instead. Pathetic, right? Anyway, don't feel sorry for me. It's not what I want. I was just making a statement. I'm too good-humoured to be depressed today. hehe.
(Okay, I said good-humoured.. though I sound a little sombre. But that's just naturally me. heehee.)

Oh, hunny.. starting from this post.. this will be YOUR colour when I'm saying things directly to you. heehee. (Well, I'm gonna change the colours on those old entries too actually.)
This used to be the colour for any direct messages (for anyone in particular), but from now on it's going to be green!

And as for me living for music.. well, that's not entirely true.
I live for some other things too.. (but music is quite at the top of the list.)
Have a good Wednesday, everybody!


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Have a good one yourself, Wanie.

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