Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi, my name is Wanie.

I'm feeling a bit lousy today. I cannot explain it. I should probably just let my sadness go but I don't seem to be able to. Perhaps it's fear that is keeping this sadness at bay. Fear that I'll be in the same argument again in the future because both of us remains unchanged.

So in an attempt to understand myself better, I turn to my astrological sign. (ha!)
Apparently there is a book that had talked about understanding depression based on the person's sign. (Be kind, this book is more on psychology than astrology alone.)
Sagittarius becomes depressed because the individual more often than not has crashed into limits that he or she did not wish to believe were there. The discovery that one is not after all immortal and special and exempt can be quite crushing to Sagittarius. So too is the realisation that one cannot have everything one wants, and that the finished product on the earth plane will always fall short of the brilliant possibilities that were initially envisioned by the intuition. This depression is quite different, because it is not part of Sagittarius' world-view; it arises when the world-view is challenged too harshly by life itself.
Dynamics of the Unconcious by Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas
Also, apparently the person with Sagittarius rising (position of the constellation as the sun rises) is open to depression when life offers no challenge, and once in depression, they find it uncharacteristically difficult to climb out.

haha! See.. I like reading these stuff. It makes me feel slightly better knowing that I'm not just plain crazy. The fact that I was born under the Archer sign basically gave me no chance at being normal.
Although I'm starting to associate Sags with nutcases so in comparison between me and other Sags, I believe I'm pretty typical.

heh. I'm feeling slightly better now. It's amusing how embracing the fact that you have no hope of feeling normal can do to you. Although expect me to ramble about that again in the future. I've always needed constant distraction to stop me from worrying.


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