Friday, September 19, 2008

It's you and a bus.

I am.. sitting at a bus stop with a destination in mind. Yes, I do know where I want to be by the end of the journey. Who I want to be with. But here I am.. at this bus stop. I'm watching a few busses pass by but they aren't going to the same direction as I am headed to, so here I still sit.

I'm looking at my watch, restless, of course. My father always taught me to appreciate time -- others' at least; just because I have time to spare, doesn't mean that others have too.
So I don't want to be late. But the seconds tick by and still no bus.

So I wait.. and wait.. and wait..
Good God, where is that damn bus??
Have I missed it somehow? Hadn't anyone told the bus driver that it is excruciating to wait? How torturous it is?

Here I am. At the bus stop. I know where I'll be if I could just get onto that bus. I know how this journey began, and I know how it would end. It's the middle that I'm having trouble with.. I need to find a way to clear out the clouds.
Please don't let me be too late.

Jimmy Gnecco feat. Brian May - Someone To Die For

You make me drop things
like all the plans I had for a life without you

Note that this entry is obviously a metaphor; I've always got on the first bus that came by because there is only THE ONE bus that passes my neighbourhood. hahahaha! It'd be silly to wait around and even I'm not that ridiculous.

And also for notes; I am so in love, it's not even funny.


Jangteh said...

I like this posting by you. You're very funny. The ending (footnote) makes me laugh...ha ha...

Jangteh said...

Maybe I will compile your postings - those amusing ones - and titled it as:"Wanie is Funny"

Monkey's Bunny said...

eeep! a compilation now? haha!

Anonymous said...

or maybe the title will be: The Diary of a Humorously Depressed Girl.
On a more serious note - take a look at (if you haven't already) for self-publishings.
Selamat berposa, Funny Wanie! I am off to PEN today (nasi kandar!!!), then tomorrow morning flying to NRT, a cargo flight.

Monkey's Bunny said...

ooh.. I've never been too crazy about nasi kandar myself.. but pasembur!!
umm.. fly safely! :)

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