Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What do you think of me now?

Revealing one of my "darkest" secrets always leave me giggling.
For one, despite them being mine, I feel so detached to them. They always sound like somebody else's story. Perhaps because they remind me too much of a Spanish telenovela.
The ones that are so badly made that you can't quite explain the reason why you're still watching them. All you can do really is hide the fact from everyone else that you've actually been following the show ever since episode one.

It's weird.. apart from giggling, I also feel a tad like a freak.
hmm.. I reckon I should feel a lot more than that.

Now, I just feel like noting down that I have some theme songs for my friends. Well, they're not exactly theme songs if they're based on their own preference, are they?
It's just when I listen to Greenday, I'll think of Bahijah.. Blink 182 reminds me of Dar.. blablablaa.
Bahijah and Ana wrote on my Facebook wall yesterday.. I miss those two girls. sigh. We have to meet up!! I took the liberty of checking the dates to when we last saw each other.. July 25th for Bahijah, August first for Ana, May 4th for Dar and Ablen..
The original members ought to get together sometime.. hehhe.

ughh.. I should go to sleep!!
(been listening to Vertical Horizon.. every one of their song that I have on my external hd..)
Funny.. if my mind aren't occupied with a single worry.. I can honestly say that I am happy. I haven't felt that way in a while..

Vertical Horizon - All Of You


Anonymous said...

Hello Wanie,

Saw you on Twitter somehow and from there to your blogs. I like your writings - can't say how but they're captivatingly honest.

Uncle Kamal

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