Friday, September 12, 2008


Be honest with me..
Aren't you tired of reading me rant about one thing or another, day after day?? Don't I sound like a broken record??
I think I do!
God, I'm tired of myself.
So I'm not gonna rant about things you won't understand tonight. I'm letting things go.. (well, theoretically.. if I don't write about it I won't remember it in the future. I'm counting on that anyway.)

Been playing Solitaire.
Interesting for the fact that it derives from the word solitary;
1. alone; without companions; unattended
2. characterized by the absence of companions
3. being the only one

Funny. I'm surrounded by family and still feel alone. Pathetic.
Oops! I'm not ranting. Honestly, I think I'm just cranky 'coz I didn't get enough sleep. 3 hours is hardly enough.. I deserve a kick in the shin.

Is it just me or this sounds.. sad?
I think the title means "moonlight".

Claude Debussy - Clair De Lune


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