Monday, September 29, 2008


Nina asked me a few days ago, "how do people actually make money from their blogs?"
-- Ads
I know how some people managed to get at least a little pocket money by having ads on their website/blogs -- and I've had enough people telling me that I should try that. I've tried Google ads once.. I can't remember why I removed it. I checked out Nuffnang just now and you know what? I've made up my mind..

I am NEVER going to have an ad on my blog!
WHYY do they have to be SO BIG?!! If I've been using a boring, basic template.. I probably wouldn't mind having one of those ads on my blog. But I spent too many hours on my design and tweaking the html (css?) to have it maimed by some advertisement.
I simply, absolutely REFUSE to let that happen!
That is like having a stranger telling you that your name needs an extra 'E'. pshh! (I'm obviously taking this blog waay too personally -- but of course! I'm allowed to.) Guess I'll just have to make my money some other way then. *cue really BIG laugh*

gah! I should think of something to write before I gush about the Boyfie now. It's so annoying when you're hit by the fact that YOU'RE that kind of girl -- the one who wouldn't mind spending her whole day just talking on and on about her boyfriend as if EVERYONE wanted to know EVERYTHING there is to know about him. hahahha! Anyway, even though I am that girl.. I shall try my best to spare you all from reading too much about him. Just because I'm obsessed about him, there isn't a reason why I should convert you to be just as obsessed, right?
I don't think he'd appreciate that anyway.
accck! Wanie - STOP!

The knuckle to my little finger of my right hand is slightly purple from punching my cpu too much last night. (The thing is old, and I'm pretty sure that something is seriously wrong with the motherboard.. or what ever thing there is in there, but anyway.. everytime the cpu beeps, I would punch it. Or kick. Depends on my mood really.)

I'm trying to download James Morrison's new album. Yes, download. I know I know.. I'll buy his album eventually. (Maybe after the Eid..? bahahhaha!!)
I miss my guitar. (Dejavu anyone?)

Took me two hours to write this entry. I swear it'd felt longer than that. Anyway, I just didn't feel like hitting the 'publish' button on a really short entry. I am not known for writing short entries.. or letters.. or even cards.

That reminds me.. one more day of fasting and it'll be Eid ul-Fitr! (the exclamation mark isn't exactly me being excited, by the way.) Funny, me and Bahijah were talking about our feelings on the Eid last night; how we're not excited about it as we used to when we were.. younger -- but we both agreed that we ARE excited to be able to eat during the day again!! HAHAHAHAHA!! ♥

James Morrison - Nothing Ever Hurt Like You


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