Monday, September 22, 2008


How do you explain love? Is it even possible to explain? Can I try?
FYI, my brain is very much intact when I thought of attempting to write this.. (oy, don't let me regret this.) It's just that "love" has been a pretty constant subject between me and my friends (online ones though they may be) and now I feel like I must document it somehow.

If you ask me last year, my description of the word would probably sound similar to "obsession", but having to finally experience it myself (I believe I have, yes) I can confidently say that I KNOW what love isn't; hence leading me to understand love itself.

See.. when somebody says that they have never been in love, I understand them perfectly. I empathize. Except when TJ (ehem) started talking about love being a reaction of a bunch chemicals in our body! gah! That blows.
Even when I didn't know what love was, I never simplify it to be JUST about chemicals and our hormones.

So when TJ wondered aloud to me and Eeva, we can't help but try to paint him a picture of love. I honestly haven't thought about it myself; how do you really tell someone what love is?
Anyway, I believe (yes, believe -- who REALLY knows about love anyway?) that love is when you see a future with the other person. ("something changes inside of you" does not help in an intellectual discussion.) When your mind annoyingly refuses to stop thinking how contented you would be lying in bed with your other half, doing nothing. To just be. Or maybe when you want that very person to carry your child (err.. this one is obviously not based on my experience! haha), or maybe when you picture yourself in your fiftees and still see yourself with that person.

haha! It's great to be young, really.. I can say stuff like that and get away with it. Though now I'm suddenly feeling like I've jinxed myself for writing about this. Have I? Have I? God, I hope not!!
Why the heck did I start this entry anyway?! Crap. I'm freaking out.
The end.


Anonymous said...

ah love



Monkey's Bunny said...


I feel laaaame now.

HFX said...

love lockdown love lockdown


Monkey's Bunny said...

love.. lockdown??

/me slaps Hafiz around a bit with a large trout

HFX said...

kanye west - love lockdown


Monkey's Bunny said...

that's.. not a very happy song, is it? :P

HFX said...

chat in irc plz D:

Girl That Jumps said...

i love ilsa.. i know i want to marry him and best yet.. i love his family too!

Anyway wanie.. i'm back at blogspot.
hahahah takde pendirian hidup.

Anonymous said...

You know you love a person when you are able to use that person's toothbrush to brush your teeth. Likewise if you want to know whether the person loves you, just ask (innocently, wide-eyed as possible): "could you ever use my toothbrush?" You can see an immediate facial reaction.

Monkey's Bunny said...

Bahijah -- haha! yayyyz blogspot!! hahahaha! go write a proper update pliss..

Jangteh -- that is actually very interesting.. but some people knows no personal space or boundaries so they wouldn't have trouble sharing :P

Jangteh said...

Its not original, I picked it up somewhere. Anyhow, I tried that line with my wife and immediately her eyes went stony. I don't mind using her toothbrush. In fact, I used hers often when I had misplaced mine (but I didn't tell her, of course)

Monkey's Bunny said...

haha! well, that only proves that you love her.. secretly even. haha!

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