Monday, June 23, 2003

Seen and Unforeseen

That's where I'm at with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Waaahhh~!!! Still so many pages to go through!! Tak sabaaa!! My hands are twitching to flip right to the last pages. huhuu~ Can't wait can't waitttt!!!
Dida told me that one of my cousins was also crazy about the release. AHHAHA!! Maya is studying abroad, and she waited for it as well!! AHHAHA!! Dahlaa kalau kat UK, bookstores opens at 12:01 am!! AHHAHAH!! Lagi beshhh!
Weekend was fine!! I had all the hugs I need from Papa. Funny how I need him so, when I'm troubled. Nina was badgering me to finish my read quickly. Kept saying that she wanted to read it, fast! huhuu~ Yelaa yelaa! Mama bought me a lipstick! WAHHAHA!! Honestly, I REALLY like the color so I tricked her into buying it for me! ekkekek!! Licik jugek saye ini.. huhuuu~
Was questioned by Che Mat in lecture this afternoon. Menggigil lagi.. huhuu~ He was telling the class about those apeture and shutter speed (which I've known a bit from my dad!) hehhe~ So tadi takde laa pening sangat mase dia bebelbebel tuh. And then skali kuar lak soalan camne nak setting the right apeture to the shutter speed!! I'd like to ask those on the back.. The one that's sitting at the top stair, the girl with black tudung.. next to the girl with blue shirt.. (which was Ana) Mase tu gak Wanie ketuk kepala..!! So.. according to my theory, the answer should be "f/22" but I wasn't really in a state of confidence to just shout it out.. then I heard Fendi kept whispering around that the answer was 22.. so bile Che Mat asked me again, I answered 22 lah! hehhe!! Seb baik betul! huhuuu~ Tapi I wasn't confident kan, so.. that was nothing to be proud of.. bluerrgh!
Then skali ujan la plaak! Skipped my Database (sorry Ablen!!) 'coz I was worried 'bout my computer. Tak tau tingkap tutup ke bukak.. huhuu~ Went back with Ana and Alitt since Fina already left with Amal..
Okehh!! I can't write more.. need to get on with my read!! Can't wait to know what's going to happen to those characters in this book!! Rowling is such an amazing woman!!!! I wonder if Harry's going to be with Cho after all.. WAHHAHAHA!! Padan muka korang kalau tak tau lagi what'll happen!! ekkekek!! Biar spoilt! AHHAHAHA!! evilevil

Tomorrow; Avril Lavigne
I don't know how I feel, tomorrow..


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