Thursday, June 12, 2003

wahh~!! Gaya baru nak break up! Send an email!! Woww~!!
Such a coward! It's one thing not to see 'em in person, but not making yourself available for a feedback is simply stupid! And no one deserves that! DUSHUMM~! (punching my own face for my own cowardly act some years ago..) Tapi almaklumlah, dulu email tak femes sangat, so I wrote a letter! WAHHAHAHA!! Adohh~ my stupid stupid ole days.. and I am still stupid.. bahaye nih!
So there's some people in Friendster post something on the bulletin board, about 99 Things Girls Should Know About Guys..? Was that what it was called? Anyways, so I remember this thing.. quite clearly. It said something like, when a guy lets his girl go, it means that he truly love her..? Something like that.. well, is that true?? Tadi Katock said that every one of the info on that list was true.. about the crying part, and the hand-touching. AHHAHAH!! Tapi.. that particular number, betul keeeeeeeeeee???? Bluerghhh! Nak kate laki suxX.. ade gak yang menarik hati! Nak kate I hate guys, I'm straight.. takkan nak ske pompuan lak kan? WAHHAHAHA!! Harini memang Wanie saiko laa..
It hurts to see when someone you care about hurts.. kan? And it also hurts to finally realize that you cared for a scum!
Honey, you know you're much better without him.. and he just proved that he's not worth your heart and mind!! Bluekk to all guys like that! Laiepon.. bole temankan Wanie yang single nih kan?? WAHHAHAH!! Pening dok tengok lagi dua eko tu berkepit memanjang.. ekkekeke!! Tapi besh gak ade orang leh bawak kuar makan cam tadik~! Thanks Ana & Jai!! weeeee~!
Today is Yesterday was officially a bad day for me. Dari pagi hinggalaaaah ke petang! The only good thing that happened today yesterday was Helmi's comment on the proposal. Selain tuh memang takde yang menggembirakan hati. Dengan kene carik frame laiee.. dengan sempat lapar lagi.. adohh~! Tak seronok! And I was getting so worried over tomorrow's today's submission that I was getting so cranky and cerewet over the things I did. Doing the stupid overlay was not fun at all!! Langsung langsung tidak!! A BIG no no!! Memang saiko lahh!! Maybe someday later I should change my web's name into something more like Kak Yan's Emorealm.. jadi Taman Saiko lak kee.. tapi, 'taman' cam hepi sangat plak! Reminded me of Sesame's Street in Malay version - Taman Sesame.. (yes, definitely stupid!!)
Haaa.. takmo lupe niihh~
Tak tipu kan arinih b'day Majin? Kalo tipu, takmo kawan! Hummph~!!
Okaay, I think I should rest myself.. ade lebih kurang 3 jam nak tido.. actually takde slera nak tido.. but macam takde menda nak buat, and takot Che Mat bising kee if I look like crap.. adohh~! Che Mat cerewet nih.. making me even mengade than usual!! I HATE!!

woops~ otak saye tercicir lagi.. (lost my mind again)


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