Thursday, June 19, 2003

You look at me but you're not quite sure
Am I any? Could you get more
You are cool for magizines
Your in love for Charlie Sheen
If you want me let me know
I promise i wont say no

Follow your heart
Your intuition
It will lead you in the right direction
Let go of your mind
Your intuition
It's easy to find
Just follow your heart baby

You got somethin that you want to sell?
Sell your self just cash in
You got somethin that you want to tell?
You'll love me wait and see

If you want me dont play games
I promise I wont be a game
menarik lagu nihh.. Intuition; Jewel
Not a bad morning.. Authoring was quite neat! heehee~ Honestly speaking, it's my favorite subject for the moment.. Yang lain smer cam bengong jekkk! I mean, I'm bengong at the rest of them laa.. Authoring je yang cam okay sikit. huhuu~ Tapi rase nak geraaam je tadi.. diapit oleh Fina and Katock yang tadi on the phone bersame partner masing-masing! huwaaaaaaaaa!! Nak pakwe!!! AHHAHAHAH!! Bongok tak Ana? ekkeke~
Oh ye.. Get well soon Kak Maaaaaiiii!!!
Done! = 1:13 pm =

= 1:16 am = Waaaaah~~! Lamanyer kuaaaaaaar!! But it was so neat!! Me, BJ and Alitt were out for about 7 hours!! Penat memang penat.. but time really flies when you're having such a blast with friends.. Thanks koraang! I know that you peeps will always have a special spot in my heart!! PRICELESS!!!
Kuar lepas Alitt abess kelas tadi.. pastu pegi Pertama 'coz the two wanted to get their close-up filter. Then, went to Ampang for dinner ('coz we wanted to meet up with Sheeya!!) Then hung out with her at Coffee Bean.. sebab reason tertentu.. (I'm so happy for you Sheeyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!) oOoO saudara Halim.. kamu sungguh menariiiiik! ahhahaha!! Seronok sangat rase!! But now, I'm left with RM7 to spend until Friday~ Bak kate Ana, kene makan naget ngan minum teh o ais limau je hari-hari.. ekkekeke! Sedih gak Ana ngan Fina takde tadikk.. The place was sooooooooo neat to hung about!!!

From left; BJ, Alitt, Sheeya and myself!

Gile pervert Alitt tadikk..! BJ pon same jekkk!! Tapi apsal menda camtu yang jadi lawak aaa??? Bengong~ ekkekke!
OK!! Papa pliss gimme moneeyyy!! Adohh~! Apsal laa money runs like water when it's with me.. hayyo!! ROSAK!
BJ Sheeya Ana Alitt!! PROMISE aaa!! Pliss plissss!! This Saturday!! Pliss plisss!! Malam ni giler Wanie rase Wanie sayang korang smer! Cemane Wanie kekadang leh tension ngan korang ponn.. (ehehh~) I'll always feel comfortable with you guys!! Kalau pagi Wanie marah kat koraang, by the time dah petang musti Wanie sayang korang balek! Weeeeeeee~!!! Beshnyerr!!!
Alamaaak... lupe la plak those wise words Alitt and BJ said while we were hanging out. Isykk!! It was so neat!! Terlupa la plakss!! I hate it when I don't have my doodling book around! Isykkk!!!
Tapi kat hati ni ade gak terdetik pasal something else.. tapi.... entahla! I can't let my life revolve around something that is not certain, kan kaaan?? I'm afraid of hurting again~
I need to be independent and I need to smarten myself up!! Yosh~!!

I will never know 'coz you will never show~
Carnival; The Cardigans


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