Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Okay, finally letting go that Friends or Lovers topic. Dah tak tertahan, kene gak tulis daily blog! ekkeke!! Actually, I really fond of that topic 'coz two of my neat friends contributed an entry taau!! So, besh lak rase!! Ikutkan ati, nak je start discussion blog.. get all of my bestfriends on it. WAHAHHA!! saiko~
Having an achy everything. Rase cam smer bodyparts nak tanggal..
Did the photogramme stupidly again. I am seriously NOT talented in those things.. I HATE~!! Dahlaa Ablen ngan Dar kaco kaco..! Tau la korang nyer lawaaaaa!! (curik pandang tadik~ ekkeke!) Seb baik Wanie tak tunjuk tau! Kalu tak, buat malu jekk~! bluekk~ I am SO terrible at my assignment!!! Tolooooooooooong!!!
Authoring lecture was indeed interesting as it usually is.. hehhe~ I really like that Kenneth guy-lah! He seems more humanly than Helmi who seems so perfect and organized! Sayangnye dapat Helmi as my tutor. He's okay.. really! But it gets a lil' boring as he ALWAYS has an answer for everything! Cakap pon tak salah tuuuuuh~!!! Takde pon cakap mengarut time kelas..! Kalau nak diikutkan, patut takde menda nak kutuk.. (memang takde) but I REALLY prefer Kenneth! heehee~ One thing pasal Helmi though.. I really like the way he picks for volunteers.. That paper plane was exellent! ekkekke!
Getting dizzy.. ngantuk to be exact! heehee~

kerang busuk~ ngaaaap!


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