Wednesday, June 18, 2003

screaming inside..
= 11:35 = Just got back from a night's out with Bahijah and Alitt. ~ Ana went out to have pizza with Jai while Fina went home to get a camera with Amal ~ We were out from 8:15.. spent some while at TESCO 'coz Alitt wanted to find some stuff. BJ berkelakuan tidak senonoh kat lane men's boxers and briefs. Honestly, I think lane tuh memang ade banyak untuk digelakkan.. hehhehe!! Me and BJ were pretty stupid in there. Sket sket bising bising carik Alitt.. konon sesat laa... terlari lari.. Memang tak snonohh!
Bahijaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! You got me started on the song!! Rase nak gile, tau taaaaaaak??!! She kept on messing around with Alitt's CD player by making it repeat to Ferhad's song over and over and over agaaain!! BENCI LAAA!! I was OVER this song soooo long ago! And now it's stuck again.. Toloooong~ Wanie dah terlayan jiwang plak malam nihh! Torturing!! Aku pernah jatuh cinta, kerana cinta diriku merana.. Aku pernah bahagia, kata manisnya buatku terpedaya.. ya-da ya-da ya-daaa!!
Paling menyeksakan.. well, if it's still dark while you're reading this entry, try and peep through your window.. Can you see it in the night's sky? A full moon..! Sepanjang perjalanan balek from dinner at SS15 tadi nampak bulan tu clear!! Somehow it hurts my insides. BJ bunguuuuuukk!!
Pastu tadi sampai HB3 nampak Dar plak! HAHAHHAA!! oOoOoO.. I got my eyes on Dar only lah~ sebab tak perasan dia ngan sape.. akkakakka!! Azarul ngan Azrin kot.. BANTAAAI! wahahhaha!!
Okay.. ni besh nih! Here's what entered my stomach this whole day..! Colgate, strawberry flavored Chuppa-chup, apple juice, strawberry donut, pineapple, guava, ice lemon tea, mineral water, nuggets, Coke, iced cappucino, otak-otak, mee bandung, fresh orange, cigarette smoke and honey roasted cashewnuts! Nanti kuar, smernye same jeek.. ekkekeke! Eyh, takdelaa terok sangat kan.. Makan gak Wanie rupenye~~
Sewel laa.. I'm feeling mighty horrible right now, tak tahu mengape.. My hands seems to shiver a bit.. bluerrghhh!! This is baaad~!! Aaarrrghhhhhh!!!! I HATE!!

so many entries today.. hummm~


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