Tuesday, June 17, 2003

wahahhaha!! Kak Mai have a very evil clock!! It's an alarm clock that's very VERY loud!! Since we all missed our class yesterday, she locked her alarm and right on 8, it went off!! huwaaaaaaaaa!! I know I had a pleasant dream, but I've forgotten all about it 'coz I was so shocked by the clock!! hadoii~~ headache! --0835--
I am seriously going nuts over something!
Okay.. gi klass tadik.. boring je. Wasn't paying any attention at all. Why aa? Somehow my heart's not in anything this morning. Tried to remember what I dreamt of last night but all I recalled was Starbucks Coffee. Hayyo~ Pastu spent the rest of the morning bumping into Dar, Fariz, Ablen and the rest of the gang.. pastu tengok Ana ngan Fina makan donut dengan penuh comotnye.. hehhe!
Beshnyer dah reload my phone! Relieved about so many things these days.. Worried about some things, relieved about so many things.. So that should be okay, lah kan?
Waaaah~!! Dida's coming back for the weekend!! Sangat besh!! Tapi.. tengah tak sure when I'll be coming back plak.. Hopefully Majin bole confirm by Thursday. (please Majin pleaaaaase!!) Somehow I already imagined how I'd react when he said yes or no. Huhuu~ Perangaiku memang ugly.. But if he said no.. then.. Kene carik mangse baru lah kot! ekkekek!! Didaaaaaaaaa!!! Cam sanggup je dia nak bangun pepagi buta nak layan kerenah adek dia yang mengade nihh~
Whatever it is... I really really REALLY hope that I'd get the book on THAT Saturday! Been waiting for yeaaaaarss!! Sungguh tak tahan~
Get these songs if you haven't!! Been crazy about these lately.. hehhe~!
BBMak; Ghost of You and Me, Miss You More - Busted; Losing You, Without You - Counting Crows; Big Yellow Taxi - Fuel; Bad Day - Good Charlotte; Seasons, Wondering - Jewel; Intuition - Jimmy Eat World; No Sensitivity - Lifehouse; Take Me Away (Acoustic) - Linkin Park; Breaking The Habit - MxPx; Rock And Roll Girl, Without You - Simple Plan; You Don't Mean Anything - Third Eye Blind; Motorcycle Drive By

Tell me to silence my heart~
He Don't Love You Like I Love You; Daniel Bedingfield


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