Monday, June 16, 2003

Miss you, I hope you're doing well..
Haaauuu~ been a very cold day, today. BrrRrRr..
Been doing nothing much all day.. Missed my morning class.. overslept! When I wake up, it was already 9! Hummph! But, paling kelakaa.. my whole room missed our morning class! Kak Mai also had class on 9, and Kak Siti on 10. But we all missed them. AHHAHAHA! Bengong~
Thenn.. what did I do? Owh! As we were walking towards MDP, bumped into Majin.. pujukpujukpujukpujuk.. Majiiiinnnnn!! JOM AA PEGI THIS SATURDAAAYYY!! Bleh dapat buku free kalo kite awal taaaau!! JOM AAA!! JOMMMM!!! Pujuk ape? Well, I'm trying to get Majin to get me and some others (maybe) to Kinokuniya on Saturday morning for the launching of Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. JOM AAAA!!!! pleasepleasepleaaaaaaaaaseeeee!! Majiiiinnnn!! Kang Wanie beg karaaaang!! Don't turn me down Majiiinnnn! Jangan jangan jangaaaaan! Nanti Wanie nangiiiiiiisss... huwaaaaaaaa!! JOM LAAAAAAA!!! Ayohhhh~!!
Okie.. I'd like to quote Che Mat's line this afternoon; "Girls and girls.. eeee~" Bengong~ Were briefed (spelling?) on our next assignment. Depth of field & Motion studies. He told us to go with groups of guys and gurls or it'll boring! cihh~! Sabo je laa.. And what else he said? He didn't want to see his students looking ugly (what word exactly did he used?) in swimming trunks so he told us to get in shape! AHHAHAHAH!! Klako la plak~
Database went.. pretty fine. I hate drawing those relations stuff, but takpeee.. sia-sia la kalo ade rumet IT tapi tak tanye ape, kan kaaannn?? Dahlaa Kak Mai pon kate "Database best aaa"! AHHAHA!! Memang patut ditanyee..
Oh well, the rest of the evening was boring! Main UNO ngan Ana and Kak Mai, tapi lepas tuh dah boring balek.. Mane taknye! Dok main dajal-dajal lak.. sampai kene amek 12 cards! chit~!
Saw My Bestfriend's Wedding for the.. I don't know! Brape banyak kali ntahh!! Kak Mai's CD.. and I noticed this neat line.. He have you in his mind, but me in his arms. hadoii~ So if someone said something like that to you, how would you react? Would you actually prefer to be in his/her arms, or mind? Kalau korang dah kenal Wanie, musti korang tau Wanie pilih ape.. HAHAHHAA!! So, I'm not gonna tell you what I'd choose..

Joel: "This song is about tortured love"
Seasons; Good Charlotte


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