Thursday, June 05, 2003

ahhaha!! Don't know why, but that word has been the most used word for me these couple of days.. "takleh nak install 3dmax laa.." adohh~! "sape leh tolong nih?" adohh~! "nak buat ape untuk 3d nihh" adohh~! "camne nak buat nihh!! bengapnyerr!!" adohh~! "maner smer orang?" adohh~! "sakit dada pikiiiir!!" adohh~! "kalau pasal awak nape?" adohh~! "camne nak anta nihh??" adohh~! "terbau awak kang" adohh~! And I'm still using that word frequently! Can't stop myself!!
Been spending most of the day sleeping. Didn't even wake up for MDP this morning, 'coz I was so tired from lack of sleep! (went to sleep at half past four) And had my shower and all at around 10.. but got to sleep again until 1 something when me, Ana and BJ went out for lunch in Putrajaya. Went to see those Digital Media peeps' works.. ade gak yang menariik.. tapi maseh tak rase sampai nak amek DM la nanti.. still open to suggestions.. Sape tau budak MI buat keje camner?? Nak tahuuu~! Wahhh~!! I must be lucky tonight~ This guy, Pak Long is majoring in MI!! ahhahha!! Gooood Friendster stuff! I really made neat friends! ekkeke! Aaaaaaanyways! Guess it's just my luck that when I got there, Shahnon and Kak Yan was not around to show me off their stuff.. and Kak Aleen was already on her way back.. tak besh~!
Okaay, suddenly I have a real shoulder pain. Stress? Entah dari mane la datangnye.. bluekkk!

I didn't mean to fall in love with you,
And maybe there's a name for what you put me through,
It isn't love, it's robbery,
I'm sleeping with the ghost of you and me..
The Ghost of You and Me; BBMak


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