Thursday, June 26, 2003

Gurls Kick A$$!!
heehee~ Me and Ana were practically out the whole day!
The day started at 10:30 am, when I realized that I OVERSLEPT (yet again..) and well, OBVIOUSLY late for my MDP which was on 9 am! huhuu~ memang bongok! Tak sudah-sudah terlewat bangun!! So.. since me and Ana already planned to go out today, takpe gak la ter tak pegi kelas tu.. dapat kuar awal! ekkeke!! So we went out around 11:30 am to catch the Cityliner.. 868? 686? AHHAHA!! I still can't get the numbers right! Paling besh kat dalam bus tuh, they TVs installed in it!! And what channel are they showing? BTV!! Which stands for Bus-TV. And what's their tagline? Umm.. I think it was "Television on the move". ekkeke!! Klakar lak rase..
So after like.. a bit more than an hour, we arrived at Central Market and we took a cab to Mid-Valley Megamall.. Actually, we didn't have much plan.. just decided to go out.. but with no real reason-laa.. huhuu~ Pukul 1:30 pm... went up to GSC.. and got ourselves tickets for Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle on 2:30!! Beshbeshbeshhh!! I think it's really neat! The fact that there were some yummy guys to look at, and the pretty funny acts by Diaz, Barrymore and Liu! ekkeke!! And Demi Moore was so cool!! Cam.. dia tua, but she looks amazingly beautiful and evil in the same time! SANGAT BESH!! And there were a bit of Bruce Willis tau at the early part of the film! heehee~ And there was also Pink in the film! GO WATCH THIS ONE!!
So lepas tuuu.. buat ape ek? Jalanjalan lagi.. and ate lasagne!! AHAHHAHA!! Tak sudah sudaaah.. Kalau kuar ngan Ana musti makan lasagne. The theory is, since we cannot get it inside MMU.. we should get it when we're outside! Kalau tak.. sia-sia laa kuar! ekkeke!! Pastu, pukul 6 pm camtu bertolak balek..
Dalam bas punye laa.. mengantuk abes!! Me and Ana were swaying around! Sungguh memalukan.. tapi cute kot? ekkeke!! Cam budak kecik.. tak tahan nak tertido..
Went to see Ana's sister in Cyberia - A2 tingkat 10.. hehhe! And walked in the cold weather towards hostel. Besh ke kuar ni ha? BESH!!! Sebab movie besh!! heehee~ Oh ye, kalau ade yang tak tahu dan nak tahu.. bus fare Cyberjaya - KL = RM 3.50, taxi fare CM - Megamall = RM 5. hehhe!
Tengah sakit kepala nie actually.. tahan tido punye pasal kot! Adohh~!! Sakiiittt! But let's talk a bit about the new layout. Harap maaf la, actually I think it's HIGHLY crappy! The last one is better kot! Nampak laa ade usahe nak buat something! And this one is like.. such-a-lazy-layout!! Tapi entah! Since I wanted so bad to upload new pictures and the 'friends' page.. cam rase kene tuka layout sekali lak. Jadi.. buat laa keje cincai bape jam je ntah.. (searched for poems, picked one that kinda relates, transfer it onto photoshop, picked the font.. by the way, it's the font used for Buffy!, and slice it down to smaller sizes..) Bongok je..
OKlah!! I think I'm leading quite a boring life these days.. tu yang update sikit je.. Oh ye..! I don't think the web is quite complete yet! I'll try and finish up sometime later!

ain't jealousy stinx?


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