Saturday, June 21, 2003

Had so much stuff to do after I wake up yesterday!! AHHAHA!! Finally got to see Finding Nemo!! It was so sooo neat!! I really love the movie! Honestly speaking, I cried 4 times through it. AHHAHAH!! Adekeee nangis tengok citer katun! Bengong~ Cried the part when Marlin realized that Coral died, when Marlin told Dory how Nemo was taken away, when he realized that he need to let his son go, and when he thought that they were too late and that Nemo had died.. huhuu~ Sedihh woo!! But it was fun!!! Dory was super funny! ekkeke!! GREAT MOVIE!! Tengoklaaaah~!!! Me and Sheeya saw the 7:15 show while BJ and Asha took the 7:30 show for The Hulk. They said it bores the panties out of them! ehhehe!!

Taken as we waited for Asha around Cyberia, in the car

Finally got back to our rooms at around 12, after we had a very late dinner at Malee with Alitt. huhuu~ Kluar aje ke kitorang nih??
Then.. I wasn't able to get any shut-eye and so does BJ, Alitt and Ana.. and about 4:45 am, we head out again towards KLCC for the Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix launching in Kinokuniya with Alitt and Majin!! Woo~hoo!!

Went by Majin's car with Sheeya as BJ and Ana went with Alitt!

Got there at about 6, and there were PLENTY of people at the front doors of KLCC! And as the guard opens the door, so many people stormed in lahhh!! Tergamam woo!! I thought of taking a picture or something but I was too stunned! AHHAHAHA!! Bengong~ Tapi, lagi satu tak join nak main masok pon sebab Papa dah pesan awal-awal.. "You don't need to be the first five.. tak kesah la kalau kene baya penoh pon, asal tak bahayekan diri dah laa.." hehhe! Baik paaak~!! ekkeke! Me and Sheeya were walking at first, but when we saw like everyone was running up the escalator.. right to Kinokuniya (and the escalator was not working at that time.. blom on lagik!) we started to jog, ourselves! ekkeke!! It was a neat experience taau! Tak sangke kat KL sahaje banyak gile fanatics! RAMAI GILEEEEE!! So many people ahead of us!!
Pastu when we got into the line.. we were so tired.. and heyy! Kinokuniya opens at 7 la!! Kene tunggu a full hour before the line gets any shorter. WAHHAHA!

Penat woo!!

Us three that were buying the books-lahh!

It was SO relieving to finally hold the book!! ekkeke!!

Such a neat experience. Agaknye nanti bile buku 6 kuar, camni gak ke aa?? ahhahaha!! And practically all my family was awake to know what's going on with me. Sebab I messaged Dida and she managed to reply them! (Before kul 8 sumer tuh!) And Nina called at 7 something to check up on me.. and then Papa plak call while we're having breakfast! ahhaha!! It felt so good! The only bad side to this is that it left me feeling so crappy and cranky in the morning!! Tak tido punye pasal, and 'coz someone said something yang kecikkan ati Wanie.. huhuuu~ biarlahh!!
After having our breakfast, we head straight back to MMU. This time BJ and Ana on Majin's car and me and Sheeya with Alitt.. heehee! I was asleep for the whole way!! Balek bilek pon, lepas putting all my stuff down.. I dozed off just like that! PENAT GILER WOO!!!
In conclusion.. it was tiring, and it made me dizzy and sleepy, but know what?? It's SATISFYING!! ...totally!



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