Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I think I got a cold!! huwaaaaa!! My nose itches badly!! Dok bersin bersin jek.. I HATE!! Feels like I should put away my nose for a while to relieve the itch.
Been feeling down since the morning. Can't really say why.. just a feeling inside that leaves me feeling MIGHTY horrible. Despite the scary news of MDP's submission, and Che Mat's judgements on those photogramme stuff.. sure kene rijek esok!! woo~hoo!! I can hardly wait!! It should be one memorable hour! WAHHAHAHA!!
Authoring tutorial went fine, but it's a shame that we got one heck of a computer. Slow giler!! Memang menguji kesabaran. Helmi kept walking around the class, looking over our (me, BJ and Fina) shoulders to see what we're doing. It wasn't all that bad, somehow. Blaja gak something arinih~ Then I went to show him the proposal me and Ana did, and he said it was interesting and he was pretty satisfied with it!! There were some comments about our target audience though, since he's concerned about the way the layout will be and it may not be suitable for some of the audiences. Takpe laah~! Kene puji gak tadi!! WAHHAHAHA!! It was surprising that he finds the topic interesting! Besh beshh~!! psst~ Helmi kinda hummed/sang 'la la la laaa' while he was clicking and waiting for a page to load up in our computer! He is human after all!! He showed some humanly characters in class this morning, but could he be an android? ekkekek!!
Maseh bad mood~
Owh! Yesterday was indeed Shahnon.. ekkeke!! I really have to sort out myself. Ape kene laa mereng pandang gile gitu.. Sori Shahnon! ekkekke! Dah banyak kali kene tego sebab selalu sangat pandang orang menggile begitu. Just last week Fina bising sebab mase tu Wanie ternampak Shahrir kat FOE. ahhahha! O ye.. saw Pui Sim when me and the gurls were walking down the stairs towards class!! And then, I think I saw another schoolmate of mine.. humm~ mungkinkah? ekkekke!
Really don't know why I'm still feeling crappy! aiisyyhh!! Tak besh~!

change of heart starts with the change of mind.. ye ke?


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