Monday, June 09, 2003

Friends or Lovers
Dah lama tak mengarut.. So, let's!!
What would happen when friendship turns to love? ekkeke!! Okay, since I actually made some really neat guy friends over the years.. I think it wouldn't be too hard to say much about this. Practically.. I'll be talking about my fears, wokie! And my 'what-ifs'..!
I was thinking about three shows I watched throughout my life, one night. My Bestfriend's Wedding, Friends and Lovers (Japanese series), and the other.. I can't remember anymore! ekkeke!! The two I mentioned was about two girls and a guy, wokie!
Talking on the girl's side.. I'd say.. if a girl fell for her own bestfriend, I'd say that she'd be terrified more than pleased. It'd be nice to be with someone that knew you well.. someone that knew what makes you happy and upset. But getting to start that relationship, would be one terrifying experience.
Let's make an example out of Friends and Lovers. The guy and gurl was indeed a couple at first, and when they broke up they became best-friends. So it happens, the girl never lose her feelings towards the guy when the guy told her that he's in love with a new girl. She backed away~
I'd do the same if I was in her shoes. Honestly, what chances would I have against this new girl? If I was with him all this while - as his friend who's been there for him.. why wouldn't he choose me over this girl? I've been in front of him all the time, and he still sees the other girl.. I'd back away~
Sakit hati la jugak.. to see the one you like with another person, but what else can you do? In a way, I need to make sure that he's happy! Even when I'm not.. kan? That's the right thing to do, anyways!
As for My Bestfriend's Wedding.. see! Cameron Diaz got the guy in the end! Even when the guy seemed like he'll never forget Julia Roberts! They're very very good friends, and she did told him that she loves him.. but that guy made his choice..
Tapi kan.. Wanie rase, kalau pompuan single, she'd cherish her friendship more than any possible-relationships laa.. I'd say that she'd keep her feelings to herself and hope that someday her bestfriend would say something.. Like Chloe Sullivan.. (that's it!! The other show - Smallville!!) She has been into Clark since forever, and though she tried to show him how she felt for him, she never really CONFESSED.. y'know?! Still wishing that Clark would finally see her for real. (Excuse me, I'm still talking about the first season wokie! The ending of second season would turn differently.. nyehehh~) One sickening truth about girls.. Jarang beno nak take chances! Always keeping to the safe side.. Tapi kan.. Wanie rase laki pon lebih kurang jekkk!! WAHHAHAHA!!
Humm.. maybe if I get some guys' point of view, this topic would be a wee bit more interesting..

gelakgelakgelakgelak 6:50 PM
Thanks Dar!! Rajen layan kerenah Wanie ekk? Besh beshh~~ tapi, depends on.........~~ ape tuhh? Depends on what?
Aaaanyways.. I'm badgering on Ana to give her opinion now.. wahho~!!
oh yee.. warning : website Dar kasi tuh memang biOL!
ps= today's blog aaa.. boringboring.. slept at 6 in the morning and woke up at 8.. got headache during MCC.. only listened to the grammatical incorrect lecture about nept? nep?? amenda?? (see.. I don't listen at all..!) Was so into planning the Authoring proposal ~ kununnyerr! heehee~ tadi kene cobit ngan Cik Ummi..!!! nyehhehh~ o well.. will probably update laaaaater in the evening. PROBABLY je laa..
batokbatokbatokbatok 11:25 PM
feeling sick~!! what a stupid evening.. hung out at HB0 with Ana (thanks for the entry, Anaaa!! slop slopp~!!) and BJ after having our dinner, 'coz we missed hanging out there sooo much!! Honestly, I missed sitting there with the guys and their guitars! ekkeke!! Rindu giler.. bole juge dikatekan tahap angau~ AHHAHA!! So, after realizing that we're beeing the main course for the mosquitoes, we went back to our rooms.. And I went straight for my bed 'coz I was suddenly drowned with tiredness.. Pastu bile terjage, sedih giler!! The room was dark, no one was around.. and my computer was not blinking!!! Huwaaaaaaaa!! Sedih gile taaauu!! Dahlaa kene tinggal sensorang.. gelaap (sebab malas nak on lampu.. ehhe~) pastu computer bisu! I HATE!! Abehh window yahu yang besh! Aiiissyhh! Takdir Tuhan memang sukar nak diduga! ekkekeke!!


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