Sunday, June 01, 2003

Must be a bad weekend.
While I'm writing this entry, it's not even half past six! So it must be a bad weekend at home, 'aight? 'Coz I'm already in MMU..!
Honestly, I don't know.. but I had to endure one itchy weekend..! And I'm still itchy all over!! I think I have this allergic reaction to something I don't know, 'coz I didn't get to the clinic. Why? Because I am one stubborn git, and I have a hard-to-tame temper!! A VERY bad combination, indeed! So, in conclusion, I'm still itching like h* and there's rashes all over my body!! Huwaaaaaaa!! Tak tahaaaaaaaaaan!!
Then, balek bilek, Kak Mai cakap.. "..dah tengok Finding Nemo! Best~" Huwaaaaaaaa!! And checked my chatterbox, Kak Yan already seen it as well!! Chit!! Tak aciiiiiii!!

hadoi!! gatalgatalgatalgatal!! Rase cam kucing lak.. tergaru-garu cam ade kutu.. akkakakka!!


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