Monday, July 24, 2006

The kiddies gone.

Nina and the kiddies went back to Seremban earlier today.
Poor my parents. Now the house has become extremely quiet in comparison when they were around. Okay, I can make them laugh every once in a while but only the kiddies could puke on the floor and became heavenly adorable the minute after - even when the nauseating sour smell of regurgitated milk still lingers in the air.

Unfortunately I don't have that gift.

Nina took my Travel Journal with her since I wanted her to see the pictures I took while I was away. God, I hope she'd really ignore the awful things I've said about Dida on our way to London! yikes! I was really crabby at the time.
Sometimes I do feel sorry for what I've written in the past. The downside to a journal/blog, I suppose. You wish you could take some things back but it's already there and to strike everything out would be a total waste of effort. ha!

I'd like to be merciless, but I'd rather not be inhuman.
On a different note, I wish other people would update their blog as much as I do! ahhahahhahaha!! Wishful thinking, obviously.

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