Friday, July 14, 2006

Very mean entry ahead,

I don't enjoy gatherings

School gatherings especially.
Between the "what are you doing these days?" and "who have you been talking to lately?".. I just hate it actually.
But I find it rather amusing that life had threw me into a bunch of people who loves it.

I can no longer count the times I've been invited to one of those gatherings and find a lame excuse to skip it, yet again! What even amuses me, is how they keep inviting me to those things! Really. Of course, I appreciate their thoughts for remembering me, but I really do hate gatherings.

It's not that I have a rough time in high school, heck, I had a blast!! They were the craziest years I've lived through and now when I think about it, it had felt like one humongous fest! Seriously, I love high school.

But I think I made it pretty clear that I only keep in touch with those who I want to keep in touch with and the rest of the school were.. acquaintances. Pardon me for sounding somehwat pompuous but it gets really old when someone asks me, "so do you talk to anyone from school?"
Answer: Yes; Muz, Hanis and Dayat. Occasionally Azraai and Arep.
Quit bugging me already!!

I think it's amazing that Azraai and Hanis knows a lot more about those school peeps or when the next gathering is going to be at, more than I do when they're studying overseas, but that is just me! All I need to know is that my four awesome friends are doing fine in their schools, doing what ever they're doing there and that's it!! I really don't give a rat's ass about the other 200 people in our batch! (give or take!)

So.. invite me to one of those school gatherings if you dare. Be prepared for one of my lame excuses. And please consider that I shall hate your guts if you have the nerve of asking me about my classmates or those whom I shared the school bus with. Take my word that you just might never see me "online" again. (Or maybe I'll dedicate another entry such as this directly to you!)


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