Saturday, July 15, 2006

What's silly?

Other than the obvious explanation, I say almost crying listening to Tearin' Up My Heart by *NSYNC is pretty much on top of that list.

Seriously, I had tears in my eyes last night, listening to that song! Talk about wacko.
Been thinking about those guys these past couple of days. Thinking how crazy I was about them.. still is, sometimes. So I've been downloading some of my favourite songs from their first album to their last, thinking.. why laa they had to go their own way. *sigh*
Funnily, Chris' voice was used for one of the characters in Fairly Odd Parents! Joey had gotten married. Lance.. uhh.. I don't know much about him. Then there's Justin who's pretty successful, aaannnd we come to JC.

My darling darling JC. I used to dream about him when I was "younger". Don't know what has happened to him. I used to adore him! Then he comes up with a song like All Day Long I Dream About Sex! Honestly!! That's just plain idiotic, and yet I still remember his birthday every year! *manic.. manic laugh!*
Anyways, let's forget how silly I can get sometimes, yeah? Here are some files I've uploaded on FileFactory;
1. An accapella mix as a tribute to the Bee Gees! I think they sound brilliant in this one!!
2. My super favourite song by *NSYNC called Tell Me, Tell Me Baby.

Okay. As much as I love talking about how crazy I can get over JC and *NSYNC, let's move to another subject, yeah?

I just noticed something actually. The weird friends I keep.
One, is a person whom I can talk about everything with. And I do mean EVERYTHING. I really haven't found a subject that we can't talk about. But oddly, we have never talked about one thing. Just one, and it's weird since it's usually what normal friends would talk about but we never did! I mean, I don't think that we'd have any problem to talk about it, but we just never mentioned it! Kinda weird.

Two, and I mean I know two people who are in a relationship but doesn't like to admit that they are. Well, maybe not "doesn't like", but unlike most people who openly claims to the world that they are in love, these two sort of kept it quiet. I think it's weird. Well, for one, it isn't so weird since I know that this person is very private with that sort of thing but the other.. I know for a fact that this person is capable of "showing" love. Maybe this person doesn't want me to see it?
Impossible.. (I hope!)
ahhahahaha!! Sape nak perasan as these three people, suka ati korang la yeee..

Moving on again, I was just listening to one of Peyton's Podcast, and #12 was hilarious!! Well.. okay. It's only hilarious if you've seen the third season of One Tree Hill, sorry! But I think it's hilarious!

Every single time this song is played on my player, (Build Me Up, Buttercup by Busted and McFLY) I'd have to repeat it a couple of times before moving on to the rest of the playlist. It has something to do with that Malay term jual mahal, well, not exactly that term.. but it's Danny's voice. Danny's voice was only on for a few seconds and no matter how many times I play this song, I still can't get enough of his raspy voice! And everytime I sing along to it, I just had to make my voice as raspy as his! *manic laugh*

*sigh* If only Danny would be beside the phone waiting for me. That shall be my perfect world. My dear dear Danny. Seriously, why is it so impossible to find someone like him in real life?? Funny, laughs himself silly, plays guitar, sings great, fabulous hair. Need I mention he's British? Is that too much to ask? IS IT??!

*crazy crazy laugh again!* This is waayy bad!
I should never write about JC and Danny in the same post ever again! I feel guilty. I feel like I'm cheating on one of them!!

Silly. That's today's word.


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