Thursday, July 13, 2006

When will they learn??

Beautiful people shouldn't die!! They should live forever! Man, those directors!

Even though I've seen King Arthur in the cinema before, I still think it's sad when Lancelot died. Really! Why did he have to die?? It's not necessary! Beautiful people shall live!! And even if they are to die, those directors should make it swift and quick! Just why, oh why do they have to romanticize it??

As the way Lancelot died in the film, they just had to have Guinevere and Arthur run to his corpse and mourn, don't they? Have Arthur go, "why God, not this blablaa.." (wasn't too keen on his lines.)

By the way.. that's my favourite word these days, romanticize.

For instance, on the final World Cup match; as I saw Zidane's retreating back as he was sent off.. with the shot of the World Cup he had walked past. It was.. poetry!
Well, that one shot speaks to me as if it was a story. A really heart-breaking story.
Bah. This World Cup story is getting a little old.

I should really stop writing entries like this and start working on some serious stuff. Ohh by they way, something's wrong with the shoutbox, so if you don't see your messages up there, well.. I don't know where it has gone to!
The last things I get was Arep's message about I should go to One in a Million - and I replied that I don't even watch the show! - then he thought, I thought he was the annoying one from my 2nd podcast - which I said it wasn't him!! - then Dar said people seem to think that they were the one who annoyed me but he knew who it really was and luckily the person had apologized - which then I said "yeah".
Hahha! Okay. That should make up for those lost messages.


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