Friday, July 21, 2006

So much drama!

And I thought my life was eventful!
Well.. not exactly! My life has always been quiet, really. Exciting, yet quiet for most of the time.
Anyways! Been reading these series of things and it deeply disturbs me. I suppose it's the sort of mind I have. You know, I feel like it's okay for a bunch of people to hate me, but when I see some other people hate each other.. breaks my heart. Oddly. I usually don't give a rat's ass about this kind of things. Too much drama to be bothered with! But.. it's sad, really. (Then again, it is my job to romanticize things so for me being sad over this, isn't really that odd!)
Well, as long as everyone in it is happy.
My thoughts don't matter one bit.

Although I must say, the major grammatical error was the thing that disturbs me the most! *manic laugh*

Went around Subang and PJ earlier, trying to find a photo store that could process my two b/w films. To no avail! I'm finding films very troublesome now.
I LOVE films, actually. B/W films, especially, but trying to find a store that can actually process them.. is starting to annoy me real bad!!

Missing Europe.
Doesn't feel right, but I am.
And Dida told me last night that 5 people have died in Europe because of the heat.


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