Monday, July 24, 2006


Bonjour tout le monde!

Anyways, it wasn't really a nightmare that I had. Well, just a little maybe.
I was dreaming that I was back in school and I was late for a pop quiz! sheesh! And all the good places were taken and a dear friend pointed me the only acceptable seat was near this one guy I used to know in school and I dreaded it. I was smiling a lot, but all the time I was wondering "why the heck am I smiling so much??"
Okay, the fella was a nice guy. A little too nice for my own liking, honestly. haha! That's the only reason why I dreaded him actually.

Didn't mean much that much anyway.

I shall refrain myself from posting right after I wake up next time. I always feel silly everytime I talk about my dreams - especially when I have nothing else to say afterwards. Like this.

Ooh, Tiger Woods won the British Open! woot~!


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