Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slow day.

Mind, I don't think I've ever actually had a fast day.
But, the day has been slow.. Nothing much exciting. I'm not as keen to the telly as I always would since we didn't get the Astro Guide this month! Something about paying the bills late. I'm usually glued to the telly when I know what's on it! But not knowing? bah! Ohh, and it doesn't help that the remote's batteries are dying!
haha! How did we get so dependent on remote controls? Horrible!

So! On slow days like this, I'd usually make a camp at IMDB or (some other places to camp in; Wikipedia and! - I'm a geek, 'nuff said.)

I was in when I stumbled upon the page on Smallville!
Boy I'm glad that I'm not a big fan. Lexana??? Seriously?? I couldn't stop laughing at this. I am curious though at how it came together. I think I kinda sensed that but boy! Obviously the writers haven't got any brilliant ideas to put out there.
So we'll wait for TV3 to air the latest season. (By the way, last thing I saw was Recruit, so what happened after that? Was I then gone to see the rest of the season or it had really just stopped?)

Okay. Nothing else. Feeling hungry and I'm having a taste for PB&J or Oreos with peanut butter. *sigh* Gotta wait for my dad to return from where ever he's gone to.

After a couple of days of speculations and reports on Zidane's actions at the final match to Materazzi, I am convinced that Materazzi deserved it!! The pig. I really don't blame Zidane. Sure, I still can't forget his retreating back when he was sent off, but Materazzi was a pig!
And you Azzurri fans out there, feel free to send me hate mails. See if I'll take my words back!


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