Thursday, July 06, 2006


Went out this morning with the thought of catching a movie and stopping by at Kino and meet up some people and having a completely great time by myself but somehow it completely changed!! - Equally pleasant.

So my first stop was MidValley. I thought it was unlucky to have missed the first show of Just My Luck. So I just got to the line.. feeling a bit uncomfortable to have been surrounded by a lot of boys. To keep myself occupied, I called in Muz; who was surprisingly just got up and was on her way to the showers.
So I pushed my luck, and asked her if she'd like to join me! After a quick call to her laki she said yes! ahhahahhaha!!

So (pardon the too many 'so-s') I sat around at Coffee Bean, getting my sissy-caffeine-kick before I head to Kino and only finding Kak Wati, Yana and the now pregnant Pei Sun! I know that Angel had quit but turns out, so had Lilian! I was disappointed by that news. And in case you're wondering - I actually hide from that Coffee Club guy!! ahahhahaha!! Typically me of course! I do that a lot the guys I'm done with. *sigh*

Later I met up with Muz - that was around 4pm, actually! - and we got our late lunch. After only 30minutes (we were trying to catch the time!) we head to MidValley (I got tickets for the 5 o'clock show!) and practically ran to GSC!! Surprisingly we had only missed 5 minutes' worth of advertisement! But we were wheezing afterwards. I talked like that Malcolm's wheel-chaired friend! hahhaha!!

Okay, Just My Luck was completely and utterly predictable!! ahhahaha!! But it was pleasant. Well.. yeah, pleasant's the word. I think McFly was awesome in it!! Me and Muz literally cooed everytime Danny or Dougie was on the screen! ahhahahaha!! Honestly, we were pathetic!
I'd say you don't really have to see this film, but GO SEE IT and support McFly!! *manic laugh* I just couldn't help singing along to every song they played in the film, it's horrible - I've become that annoying lady in the cinema!!

It was 7pm when we got out of the cinema (waited until the whole credits rolled off the screen.. enjoying the songs! We were the only two left!) Went around to do a bit of shopping and head for home.
I finally gave Muz the "travel pack" I made her! *grins*

Now.. last night's football!
I was exceptionally pleased with the crowd's respond everytime Christiano Ronaldo touches the ball! *manic.. manic laugh* Getting the entire crowd to boo at him.. priceless! It was FAB!!! I don't exactly take any heart about the whole Rooney-incident thing, but I'm plainly loving the fact that the Portugese was booed! (sorry for sounding a bit racists! - which I'm not really.. I just get that way about football.)

I love Zidane! I honestly love him! He's the only non-English player that I really admire, actually. And it's not just because he'd scored that goal.. I've always cared about his game. (I swear! You could ask my really good friends!)
Vous jouez très bien au football, Zidane!!
(I just copied that from my phrase book, so I can't guarantee that I'm writing the right French!)

Barthez.. *smirks* Barthez' techniques was impressive. The one that he saved on the 78th minute; I call it the "opocot technique". HONESTLY!!! What was he thinking?? That was the silliest, the most lame so-called save I've ever seen!! It had seemed as if he was SURPRISED by the ball and decided to freak out! "Opocot mak kau!!"
(Mind, I've never liked Barthez since his days in Man U - the twit!)

Looking forward to the finals! Italy v. France.. should be great!! And I SO want Germany to win over Portugal!! ahhahahahhahah!! I'm bitter, I know.

This entry kinda sucks.. If you don't think so, I do and nothing else matters much other than ME. I don't like writing/typing out things in a constricted time space and that's what I am!
Better go now since my dad needs the computer more than me. Dida mengade mintak Papa tolong tuliskan surat. Tak maluuu!! Dah besa panjang-lebar suruh Papa tuliskan surat. boo! *giggle*


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