Monday, July 17, 2006


I found that *NSYNC song!
I found that *NSYNC song!!
*doing a one man conga*

-- And I think I found my "thing".

Coffees in the afternoon, no sleep in the night.
Awesome! (I'm being sarcastic.)

I was writing, but at the cost of not getting any sleep when everyone else was. Probably that's a great solution since I can't really sleep in the pitch of blackness but I can't really spend the rest of the day sleeping now, can I?
Might as well I was born as a bat!
(For the record, I got to sleep around 9 this morning and woke up a little over 3pm)

Man, I'm so happy about finally finding that song!! I was getting angry last night, even the video was downloaded in less than 30minutes! -which I appreciate! So funny watching those guys.. Chris talking to his slippers.
I really need to get my guitar strings changed! It just occured to me that I used to imagine myself playing this song. heh!

Okay!! Going to listen to this song repetively!
woo~hoo!! Friggin' happy! God loves me! *grins*


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