Saturday, July 01, 2006

My life--

is governed by the World Cup!
..well, currently at least!

Germany was lucky! Darn lucky, I'd say. They played horribly, really! Those lame passes, laziness to run and get the ball.. It's a good thing I'm not a fan, or I'd start cursing like a hillbilly again! ahhahha! Well, from tonight's game I can't see why they should win the cup. It was plain horrible!! Argentina wasn't even that great, but Germany was lousy! Just lucky that they've got Lehmann. He's the better player on that field tonight.
I just find it disappointing that they had to have a penalty shootout to find a winner. Deutchland - 4, Argentina - 2

Against Germany next week is Italy - predictable, yes. It was another uneventful game. So they scored three goals against Ukraine, big deal! They should've been able to score more! I have to say, though.. The highlight of that game was definitely the time when the Italian captain got hit by the ball on his balls! ahhahaha! He was in pain at first, but a while after he's down, he was smiling. Such a good humoured fella! heehee. Italia - 3, Ukraine - 0

England, on tomorrow night! eeek!! I'm partly excited, partly scared. You know, it usually leads to one big mess when you openly root for one team. Suddenly you became an open target. heehee! O well, the price I shall pay for being an England supporter! Win-gerland!! (again, crossing my fingers, wishing on an eyelash - the works.)

Dida had successfully made me jealous by calling in just now only to tell me that McFly was on telly! Her telly!! *grunts*

Anyways, I haven't made any plans since I got back from Europe. Nina's kept telling me to find a job. hahha! It was for all the wrong reasons, eg. "find a job as a sales person! Then you could get discounts." and for another reason that I should not disclose here, but she's keen on me finding a job.
My mother, on the other hand wants me to go back to school. She kept asking me what course I'd like to take - and she keeps trying to plant some thoughts in my head about how there's a big demand on secretarial job! ahahhahaha!! Can you imagine me doing secretarial-stuff?

I can't seem to think about it seriously, though. The only reason I'd take a secretarial job would be for the experience of it, even then I can imagine myself being at it no longer than three months! I SO can't work under anyone. I'd like to be my own boss.. but doesn't everybody, eh? *sigh*
But I reckon that I should find something to do soon 'cause I'm getting too comfortable just lying around at home and not even taking a shower everyday!! ahhahaha!! (I'm conserving water!)

I was thinking of maybe getting into uITM.. Journalism.. creative writing or communication of some sort. It's cheap.. close by.. and probably something that I was really meant to do. Problem is, I think, the journalism course over there is in Malay, and the English course is only a couple of subjects in one of their semesters - which the thought of it just PAINS me since I'm terribly.. absolutely.. horrible in Malay!!! I could probably take TESL instead, but the mere thought of teaching just makes me wanna throw something! *grunts even more*
God, I miss school. I just hate thinking about getting into one and start to hate it all over again. baaahhh!!! Been trying to find a school with something that I really really want to learn but I can't seem to find any, around Malaysia. My dreams, crushed unceremoniously.

Just the reason why I hate thinking about school so much.


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