Thursday, July 13, 2006

Very productive day!

Well, I'm not exactly making any money, but I seemingly have some plans worked out for the short future. (eh?)
Ooh, by the way, pardon me for the multiple entries on today alone.

Me and my dad went brisk walking a while ago. It felt good. Of course, by the nearing end of our walk I was walking funny 'cause I haven't had an exercise for so long!
When we got back to section 6, we stopped by at 7-11 and I got myself a Slurpee!! What a treat! Just imagine spending the last 40 minutes brisk walking around main-Shah Alam and ending it with a good 'ole Slurpee.

So anyways, Azraai told me something the other day and well.. I decided that I should just do it! I must admit that I am going to hate myself for actually doing it (for copyrights matters) since I take my real writing seriously. Very seriously while this blog is like a child's play to me. But really, I guess I'm going to need the suggestions and the criticism, SO! I'm going to put up my half of work of Emily on this World Wide Web and see if it's any good, yeah? By the way, Muz.. you should have read those.

Bah! I hate it when other people is right and I'm obligated to listen to them!

I can't do it!!!
Lord of the Flies, I can't do it!! Sorry, I can't put up Emily on the web. I can let people read it off my notes, but putting it on the web will be too much!
I'll find something short in my head to put up. Just.. not the works I hold close to my heart. Emily is a no - no!
I'd kill myself if someone else finds a way to publish it with their name.
Not a really productive day, then!


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