Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blasts from the past.

Now, I can't speak for everyone who are featured in this entry.. but for me, I miss the used-to-laugh-a-lot I had.
I was actually looking for a video.. (Beta-year video clip assignment, anyone?) Wish I had a copy of it but I don't -- so if you (whomever you are..) have the Fungus Amongus video.. (God, I can't even remember what the song's title anymore!) please please.. tell me!!
Anyway, while I was looking, I actually found my old website that I hardly remember it existed and there were these;
Blast #1
Blast #2
Blast #3
Blast #4
Blast #5
Boy, weren't we young!
Hope you guys are having a wonderful life! I know just reading your blog every now and then doesn't really mean that I know what's really going on with your lives.

Okay, I SO need to pack my bag, like NOW!
ohh right.. Heppy Birthday Sapik!! ahhahaha!


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