Sunday, August 06, 2006


Why doesn't anybody else updates their blog as much as I do??
Am I really that hypergraphic?? I mean, I just like to say that I am but I wasn't actually convinced!!

Anyway, just a quick update - hopefully.
Spent the entire day in Seremban. The kiddies weren't feeling good and Nina was away for a course. My parents were worried as Abang Min had to take care of the kiddies by himself 'til Tuesday.
Plus, I needed to borrow Abang Min's video cam for a project.

Yesterday a friend said, "I know you want it bad.." and I automatically said yes. Now I'm thinking.. Do I? Do I really need it that bad that someone actually told me that I do?
Not that bad, surely!
I'd hate to count the chickies before they hatch!

I'm not making much sense again.


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