Thursday, August 17, 2006

My funny friend and me.

me: tomorrow.. if I say that I'm not going,
me: tell me that I've promised myself
me: if I get all stubborn
me: you have the rights to say anything bad to me
rai: it's alright, if you get stubborn..
rai: you just see what I'll do
rai: I have your address
rai: so you better prepare if you're not coming
rai: move away or something

Raja Muda gathering tonight.
Two of my school friends were trying to convince me to go. (Uggh! Gatherings! How dreadful!) I gave in -- oddly.
Mid-year resolution! TRY NOT TO BE SO MUCH OF AN ANTI-SOCIAL!!

I reckon I will be dragged to tomorrow's gathering.
If only boys weren't so amusing.
I'm going to blame you two if I don't have any fun at the gathering!!


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