Sunday, August 27, 2006

Can I cry?

I am horribly frustrated by that sly mother of mine. It doesn't even help that I am extremely jealous of my friends -- for being able to go out and not get nagged by their parents.
Seriously....... frustrating.
It's an awful thing to say but I miss school for the freedom I have over my 24 hours. I have honestly never thought of how precious time really is.

It's even more awful to say that I only realized this after having my mom nagging on me every single night for the past week.
I tried to explain but she doesn't seem to care much with what I have to say. That's my Scorpio mom. heh.

It's 2:52am, and I'm actually typing this out on my sister's computer as we (me, Azraai and Arep) are driving through Glenmarie right after we sent Alia home. I'm feeling down now. Really.
I am really sad over my mom's call. It's the way she talked to me. I feel like a child. Like a stupid, pathetic child.

And I was talking to the boys and I just found myself -- actually "pathetic". Not exactly something you'd like to find out about yourself.
Gaahhh!! I think I am more sad and frustrated by the fact that I am going through this when I'm 21! I thought I've gone pass it during high school.
Shutting off the laptop now. I'm too messed up say anything else. Hope the rest of you are feeling way better that I am.


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