Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Dida's going to be home in about 8 hours and the room is a complete mess!
I don't think she'll like seeing my things all over the bed.
And the fact that I still haven't unpacked my things since I got back in June! haha! I am in such big trouble!! She's soooooo going to nag about that!! haha!!

God, I am SO excited that she's coming home!
My favourite second sister!!
Though she annoyed me when she was really convinced that I only wanted her home so I can have my things. Really.. I wouldn't really mind if she purposely left them in Rotterdam just to tick me. I'll be quite happy that my loud, abrasive sister is back!

I shall have quite the amusement for the next two weeks! I'm saved!!
Really.. being the only daughter doesn't fit me well.

And Mama haven't gone to sleep yet, trying to finish the shirts Dida told her to sew. haha!! Quite a lesson for procrastinating.
So funny.
I'm amused even now.

Right.. Today's JC's birthday!!
- not that it's actually daylight in the US!

Currently listening to: Haiiro no Hitomi by Shiina Ringo & Kusano Masamune.
--the only Japanese song I have on my playlist! Such a great song, even when I can only translate one lousy line from it entirely. haha!


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