Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dead bored.

Can't stop thinking about my project.
Especially now that I don't have anything else to think about. It's been a super slow, super quiet day and I am just BORED!!

Looked through my Y!M buddy list, trying to find at least one person to talk to but I don't really think anyone is capable of cheering me up at the mo. I am in need of some humour!!

I wasted a whole bowl of food during lunch. My heart couldn't help but cried at the sight of it. Not entirely my fault, really! It tasted funky and I really couldn't stand eating anymore of it!!
(for the record, it wasn't something that my mom made.. Wouldn't want you guys to think that my mom's cooking is as that bad!)

My dad booked the entire family next weekend. One of his cousins are getting married. His cousin, the groom.. is over 50 years old! I can't help getting amused everytime I think of this!

I should have the entire tomorrow all to myself. Probably a good time to start to work on that project then. My dad seems to be a bit too excited for me. He kept asking me about the idea I ran with him the other day and now I'm simply too concious to go through with it.

My excitement on the other hand has receded. It sounds entirely wrong but it is what it is. My fear of disappointment and heartbreak had completely glued my feet to the ground and way away from cloud nine.
- which probably is a good thing.

Currently listening to: Over My Head by The Fray


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