Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dead man dying.

I had an exceptionally long night.
I blame my parents for going to bed early and deprived me of amusements.
So I did what I'd usually do on sleep-less nights; TV.. internet.. DVD.. porn (joking!)

It was about 5 when I finally turned off the laptop and realized that I've forgotten a piece of apple that my father had cut for me right before he went to bed. It had started to dry up - very unappealing, but I ate it anyway!
I surfed through the internet and I think I've found a place to look for Moleskine right here in Malaysia if the one I'm using is full. (Wonder when that will happen!)

Astro is adding more channels come September; Aruna for Indonesian dramas, Kirana for Asian and European films, Ceria for children, Zee TV; more Hindi stuff (as if we need more!) and Animax. Honestly speaking, I'm only game for Animax - even then, I don't think I'll actually tune in to it!

Talking about starts.. House is back!! If you subscribe to Astro, catch the second season tomorrow night, and see House try to cure LL Cool J. I've seen it of course, but that's no reason for me NOT to watch it again! I'm infatuated with the show!
By the way, I saw 5 Takes for the first time yesterday morning! haha! (Just feel like I need to log this in for future reference.) 6am.. gilok! I couldn't possibly get up at 6 just to watch it - but of course, I have been up at that time these past few days since I didn't even go to bed.
I'm promoting stuff for free again.

Had been staring at my latest clothes. I wish I had an occasion to go to so I can put them on! Ahh.. the downside of having stylish pieces. You can't wear them as much as you'd love to, unless you don't mind being overdressed to the supermarket.
See, that's why I loved being in Europe! I was never overdressed since everyone else was just as keen with fashion.

I wonder when Dida is going to be completely free. Since she got home, she spent most nights out with her friends and the longest time she stayed in was when she was asleep! I think I only get to have a decent conversation with her when we were in the car - that is, if her phone doesn't ring or beeped with a new message!
And now she's going to New Zealand for a vacation with her good ex-boss!
I hate it that I care. Curse sisterly affection!

Need to have my breakfast now. My father had bought me food earlier and I said that I'll eat it in a bit. Next thing I knew, I opened my eyes to MTV and Dida was chatting so loudly with Papa and I was still wearing my glasses.
For a full minute I wondered if I had fallen asleep and forgotten to turn off the TV - but no, I did turned it off. I just dozed off unintentionally -- like I always do these days!


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