Sunday, August 27, 2006


Dida asked me to buy the CD the week before she came home and now I'm absolutely addicted to their songs. It's not surprising that I only repeat the slow songs.. haha! Can't help myself but I adore the sad ones than the happy ones.

Anyway, Azraai will be out of the city for a week or two and I feel utterly doomed somehow. haha! Yes, yes.. I am going to miss my buddy! No one to drag me out of the bed.
I shall mope around from now 'til Azraai gets back or Alia comes around and persuade me to come out. (As if that's going to be hard!)

God, I am still rather annoyed about last night!!!

Ohh, I didn't tell you about yesterday's activity. Rai and myself went to kidnap Alia from her house in Subang and brought her to Arep's Archifest in uITM. We missed the first 7 bands and caught Arep's just in time! hahha!
We hung around 'til the event ended and drove off to McD and met up with Idris and Shahrir and ended up having maggi goreng in Section 9.
About half past two, my mom called. Yeech!

Then I got home, feeling horrible and absolutely resolved to be the worst daughter any parent can have. (Of course, I did't feel like drinking and smoking at the moment so I ended up just sulking and being bitter.) I updated the blog, then I joined my dad watching Tiger Woods getting four bogeys in a row. yikes!
I slept around 6, when I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

Okay, if you're keen on listening to Ungu you can go to my lifelog and become a friend. From there, it's easy-peasy as you can just go to my Audio and voila!
(Subconcious message: Join the cult! Join the cult! Join the cult! Join the cult! Join the cult! Join the cult! Join the cult!!)
If not, you can just download Demi Waktu from Ares and listen to THAT over and over. I don't mind. heh!
note: You won't see the mp3s if you're not a "friend".

Currently listening to: Sejauh Mungkin by Ungu.


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