Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hey babe!

Ohh.. what unnecessary ideas occupying me since last night!
Okay. Planning a very quick entry so here goes.

1. I have funny friends who knew me too well that it annoys and amuses me in the same time.
2. I am rather harsh.. NO. Very harsh to my acquaintances when they say the wrong things to me -- like when they want to get too personal with me when I don't feel half as comfortable with them. (Yes, I admit that I have a huge thick wall between me and most people.)
3. I am more open to strangers than I am to acquaintances -- which is just ODD! Never mind this.
4. Hanis is flying back tomorrow!!
5. Last night my mom asked me if Azraai hadn't had any other friends that ME -- which I responded with a big BIG laugh!
6. Arep promoted his Archifest that'll be on August 25th to September 2nd. (I like passing things on!)
7. Need to reload my mobile if I want to get back to Dani's SMS last week! ahhahaha!! I'm such a horrible friend.
8. Asha messaged my Y!M last night, out of the blue but I have to admit, I like catching up to my old friends.. I do.
9. I'm going for a short road trip to JB and Singapore tomorrow! 'Til Tuesday. woo~hoo!! I've always wanted to go to Singapore -- just because it's the neighbouring country and I've never ever been there!
10. Got to go now.. My sister just called and asked if I had wanted to come with her and see the Ghost and Ghouls Exhibition in Shah Alam Museum. hohho!

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