Monday, January 27, 2003

Boring boring afternoon..
In three words, I'd express how I feel as boring, boring, boring and nothing more! It's been such a a slow slow afternoon.. Nothing interesting happened.. Nothing at all! Except that me and the gurls fooled around with this particular acapella song 'coz it was so tempting! Hihhihik!
Well, supposedly I'll be going out in a bit. Haven't done my Fundamental works. Need to have it bind, and those plastic thingy.. Need to get it. Kinda odd.. Somehow I've been imagining something that could possibly happen when we're out later. Hee~! My mind works in a rather mysterious way.. ^_^
Humm, I have this HUGE curiosity that need to be answered.. but I don't know how to start.. Hope it'll get undone in time - before I get crazy for keeping it so long!
And now I'm asking myself.. why do I get this feeling that I'm turning into my old self? Alamaaak.. kena start jaga mulut ni balek! Kang mau terlepas macam-macam.. Heehee~! Gosh, I used to curse a whole LOT when I was in lower high school.. Start form 3 baru senonoh sikit.. Kalau idaaaaak.. Hihhihik!

You're wrong to think that I'm all sugar and honey, honeyy!


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