Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Weird.. I'm supposed to feel relieved by now.. but somehow I feel hurt. Kenapakahh?? Hihhihik! But I'm fine.. as always! ^_^ Ye lahh kan.. sumer orang ade problem.. It's just a matter of how much time you want to spend to think about it. Kan? Lagipun.. I always feel that other people has larger problems than mine. 'Coz I have this very childish mind, and I seem to make small matters HUGE, so honestly.. I can't tell if I actually have a situation. So, as far as I know.. I'm not having any REAL HUGE problem.. so I'm fine! ^_^
O yeah, I've finally uploaded my webby!! HAHAHHAH~!! Setelah sekian lama..!
Oklahh.. nak layan ayam goreng sambil mengelamun or buat lawak bodo ngan bebudak nihh~! Kalau tak pon, buat keje Fundamental.. Mengong betul la!! Manyak giler orang tak siap laie! Huhhuuu.. ape la nak jadi ngan Wanie nie.. Wanie nak jadi tuan puteriiii!! AHHAHAH~! Saiko..!

Get back to ya' later~!

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