Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Gedik la korang!
Hihhihihik...!! Anaaaa.. Anaaa... orang time memalam tido taau! Adehh.. sakit perut layan Ana..
Like the thing I was supposed to do some minutes ago.. Like the thing I was DOING some minutes ago! AHHAHHA!! I really don't know what woke me up from that odd soothing dream I had. I was like.. alone.. in a wide.. WIDE space.. and I honestly like it!! Hahhahha~! Being alone is not all that bad, 'aight? Heehee~!!!
Don't you think it's funny? It's in the middle of the night.. and I suddenly woke up and say that I'm going to be just fine. Hahhaha!! I amaze myself.. ^_^
Now that it's all straighten out.. Gosh! I never felt this happy.. I mean.. all the stuff in my head.. all the things I've been hessitating to let go.. I can really reaaaaally do it!! Yeayy~!! Happy~ happy~ happy~!! Well, yeah.. a bit sad, now that I've really made my mind to move on, away from my childish memories.. but I'm really happy that I have made the right choice! Hihhihik! Xceed!! AHHAHAHA!!! Gosh, I am sooo talking rubbish right now! Naahh.. I wasn't talking about those Celcom prepaid stuff.. I was talking about my life! Live life, peeps! It's SO worth it! ^_^
Now.. all I have to do right now.. is clean up my stupid playlist coz none of them suits my feelings right now! ^_^ Kinda weird though.. I mean, I've been listening to the same list of songs since months and months ago and they're really horrible.. sappy.. mellow.. and sad!! How could I put up with them for so long?? It's really mind-boggling.. dingdong bell, pussy in the well.. Hahhahha!!! I must be losing my mind this night.. Talked about stuff that I shouldn't be talking about.. Well.. the things that I MIGHT be exageratting one bit. Huhhuuu.. ooOoOps! My mind has a weird way of conveying some messages. So kepada sesiapa yang terase lebih-lebih tuu.. Harap maaf ekk.. I was only half serious.. ^_^
Okie.. I REALLY have to get my sleep..!! Owhh.. my precious complexion! AKKAKKAKA!!!

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.. clap~ clap~! "Smeagol is freeeeee!!"


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