Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Pardon me again..
Hihhihik! Been fooling around with my friends today. I have to say, that today seemed a bit better than yesterday. My eye still itch.. and red.. and hurts a bit.. But I have my friends to get it off my mind. ^_^
We played around with that envelope we have to buy for the lecturer. Hehh! I think it's supposed to be an informal letter's envelope, 'aight? But we've been messing around with it.. We wrote silly stuff on the envelope. Sheeya wrote "senyum sebelum buka", Fina wrote that rhyme about pecah kaca pecah gelas.. Ana wrote "thanks Mr Postman".. BJ wrote "wallimatul urus" and I doodled some love shapes on the envelope's flap. Hihhihik! Had a good laugh about it all.. ^_^
Anyways.. Gotta run.. Gonna have my submission this afternoon..

Tomorrow's Thursday!!


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