Thursday, January 30, 2003

The things I missed..
Why didn't anyone tell me that we're learning poetry in English!!!! Or I wouldn't be skipping my class as much! GrrRrrR..! Anyways, I had a pretty enjoyable English class.. Ms Zaiha discussed on that coy lady poem. I think it's nice! Ngee~!
Going back today, I guess.. wondering if I should bring back the computer.. Berat aaa.. cam tak larat nye nak bawak! Tapi nanti Wanie rindu laguuu... One week is 168 hours!! 10 080 minutes!! That looong!! I'll miss my computer Very very verry much!!
Can't wait to see Dida again. ^_^ And something interesting is coming up later this afternoon! Ekkekeke!! Okay, gotta relax.. Don't want to get so excited right now.. ^_^ Hummm.. hope Dida won't get here too soon!

Hope the weekend will great!


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