Tuesday, January 14, 2003

You're dumb!! And I'm even more dumber..!
AHHAHAHHAA!! I'm really laughing my head off! Something just made my heart tickle! Well, it's a two-way thingy really.. but I'm looking it through the silly side, first.. So I'm laughing about this first.. ^_^
Had my shower with Ana this evening.. funny!! I never thought that playing with the water is possible between two cubicles! Hahhahaa!! But that was what we did! ^_^ It was entertaining.. 'coz we talked and talked and talked.. And guess what! Ana angau mase time mandiiiiiiiiii!!! aaaAAaAaaaAaaaaAaAA!! I never thought that it was possible! AHHAHAHA!!
Haaaaaa.. anyways! Hihhihi.. I really need to get this over with.. Kelakar laa.. I was merely exagerrating how I feel.. I was fine then, I am fine now.. Heehee~! I'm amazed that I wasn't as insignificant as I thought I was! Hahhaa~!! Oklahh.. I'll get over it.. I'll let go.. Hahhaha!!

Hehh.. sorry that I was dragging it all along.. ^_^


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