Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Tell me, how did I get here..?
Hahhaha! Ana purposedly found a certain silly site while we were in the lab this morning.. it's a very girlish site and I'm pretty embarassed to tell you peeps the addy. Hihhihik! Giggled pretty hard in the lab because of that site. ^_^ But since I was so embarassed to stare at that site for so long, I had to go back to the site.. AHHAHAHA!! Gosh.. I really need to stop getting silly all over astrology.. Hahhaha!!
Neways.. not going to have that Friday class as I thought! 'Coz Juliza said some of the students complained that they have classes..! Sooo.. weeeeeeee!! I can go back on Thursday!!
I wonder why.. I haven't thought of this place as my home.. I just.. have this feeling to get away from here as much as I can..
Y'know.. have you ever wished.. that the people around you understands how you feel without having to say it? I'm feeling... a bit different all of a sudden. And somehow I wish that people would know how differently I feel.. But I don't want them to say anything about it.. I just.. want them.. to know. I don't need to know what they think about it.. I just need them to know..
Gosh!! I think that sappy song is actually affecting me!! I'm confused!!! Am I? Hahhahha!! I hope you're confused as well.. ^_^ Though I want you to know how I actually feel.. I'm afraid if you'll get the wrong idea.. or if you got the right one.. you'll ask questions.. Hahhaha!! I'm pretty much instable to be bombarded by questions right now...... heart is racing.. hands are trembling.. why?

Current song : gosh!! I've been listening to the same song for the last 12 hours!
~ Oh.. I ~


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