Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Huwaaaaaaaa!! Everything's not right today.. I wanna cry!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's start off with the morning.. a bit of a re-cap here. I woke up, feeling something's weird with my left eye.. Later when I was on my way for class, I had a real stomach pain. Such a torture that some sweat was involved during that period of pain!! Then in the afternoon, as I was in Maths.. I was bothered by measly, teeny weeny stuff in my heart!! Which of course, leads to a messy mind!!! Blueerrghhh!!
Later in the evening, that weird feeling in my eye grew red.. and it's getting bigger!! And it hurts like h*ll!! It's such a bug!! Huwaaaaaa!! And my mom, suddenly turned into a real joker, said that I.. "intai orang berak kut"!! Hahh!!! Pandai lak Mama buat lawak ekk..! And a bit more later, I had my first accident in this trimester!! I was walking with Fina, down the steps at HB4 towards the foodcourt. And since it rained earlier.. my foot slipped..!! Guess what happens next.. of course I fell!! Urrghh!! Such a pain to my cute butt! AHHAHHA!! Minus that cute part, please. It really hurts!! Huwaaaaa!! My hands hurt, as well with my butt!! I get this teeny weeny cut at my left hand. And the amazing part was.. in that tiny cut, there was actually a particle of sand! Can you imagine.. having a particle of sand in your cut????? Urrghhhh!!
And I haven't even started my Fundamental.. God!!! I haven't had a single happy news for weeks!! Please save me from this miserable feeling.. Take me away from this horrible situation.. Aaarrrghhh!! December and January are two horrible months for me!! AaaAaAAaAAAaa!!! Wish I could go back to the last three months.. I wish I haven't even started!! I WISH!!! I feel so horrible... and there's no one I can turn to.. This is such a bad day...

Refuse to let it fall apart
As now I lay alone in my bed
Feels so hollow in my heart
But so many questions in my head..


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