Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Just what I needed
Kenape kan.. it's usually.. when something kinda bad happens.. you'll always turn to your old friends.. Kite pegi gak kat kawan lama kite. Klakar lak rase.. running back to someone you haven't been running to for a long time. ^_^ I'm glad I still have those fellas with me..
Dani said something nice today!! AHHAHA~! Just what I needed at the very exact moment. People like you are so hard to find... I feel good about myself again! ^_^ That's why I need friends as much! When I feel like crap.. there'd always be someone who can get me better again.. So.. thanks, you guys!!! Cayang giler giler giler nye!! Babi pon tak giler camtu..! ^_^
Funny.. if I am really as bubbly and carefree as I seemed to be.. How come I can feel a bit crappy at times? Humm.. Hehhehe!
Demm, I hate it when people THINKS they know me.. and TELL me what to do. What? I can't think for myself? Can't decide what I want to do?? Obviously you don't know me THAT well.. Menyampahh aaaa!!!

Do die painfully..!


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